Terms and Conditions

BOOKING ONLINE with VeniceApartments.Org - General Conditions


•FREE CANCELLATION up to 6 days before   NO service fees    BEST PRICE direct booking

1. Confirmation of booking, prepayment and deposit
Your booking is complete when you receive a confirmation e-mail by VeniceApartments.Org (by HOME LAUGHTON LTD - 20 Fitzroy Square - London, W1T 6EJ  - United Kingdom - Company Nr  14410933).
1.1. Prepayment: a prepayment refers to guarantee a deposit, which is required to secure reservations. This usually ranges between 20 and 30% and and it will be refunded up to 6 days before the arrival date (Venice time)
1.2. Security Deposit: a security deposit can be requested by trhe Owner at check in and will be returned at the checkout. This deposit helps ensure that the property manager is compensated for any damages, unintentional or accidental, made to the property during your stay.
1.3. Balance: the balance payable which is the net of your prepayment amount. It's payable 6 days before arriving; we collect your payments, we pay the owners on your behalf
1.4 The Euro price could be charged in GBP (British Pound) at the exchange rate published by http://www.xe.com

2. Cancellation Policy
When the booking procedure is closed, you have a contract directly with the Owner of the apartment; in case you need to cancel your reservation, you must see the “RENT APARTMENT - Terms of Use”.

3. Travel Insurance
We strongly advise all clients to purchase a travel insurance policy prior to the commencement of your trip. Often these policies are inexpensive and can save you hassle from unforeseen circumstances.

4. Modification of Bookings
The following modifications are permissible provided they are requested through a written communication via e-mail.
4.1. Changing the number of guests: if the number of guests decreases, there will be no reduction in rate. If the number of guests increases, you must immediately contact us to verify if the booking can still work. If not, the booking will be cancelled, and refunded up to 6 days before the arrival date (Venice time)
4.2. Changing apartment: changing an apartment is possible if an alternative apartment of your choice is available. Please note that a changing apartment results in a cancellation of your current booking, which is governed by our cancellation policy with cancellation charges. A new booking is then made depending on availability of the new apartment.

5. Reservation confirmed
Once your reservation has been processed by the Owner of the apartments, you'll receive a comprehensive email with useful information, accurate directions and the address of the property. We encourage you to print out a copy of this confirmation and keep it handy prior to commencing your trip. Your schedule must be communicated at least four days prior to arrival.

6. Guest Responsibilities
We request that guests treat accommodations and amenities with care and ensure any specific property rules and regulations are adhered to at all times. The following are general guidelines we request all guests to follow during their stay:
6.1. Behavior: we request guests to refrain from any anti-social behavior that may lead to eviction by the property owner. You are requested to keep the noise level to a respectable threshold, and not consume illegal substances. You are expected to show courtesy and respect towards your neighbors. Everyone expects a level of noise from neighbors– please be considerate and mindful of noise, particularly in the evenings and at night. The Owner reserves the right to evict the client and his/her guests from the accommodation; thereby forfeiting the right to any compensation by the client.
6.2. Non-Working Amenities: if you need to contact the Owner due to a problem, damage or non-working equipment, you will have a number for the Owner/property manager. Contact as soon as possible, so the repairs can be dealt with.
6.3. The number of guests: the accommodation must be booked for the number of guests staying. If the number of guests differs during the stay length, you are required to book for the highest number of guests that would be staying in the property. The number of guests staying/using the accommodation should not exceed the allocated capacity (excluding children under two years old). The Owner/manager reserves the right to request you to leave or even evict you and your guests from the accommodation; thereby forfeiting the right to any compensation.
6.4 For all the two years after the last reservation check-out, the final guests are not allowed to be in contact directly with the owner excluding Veniceapartment.Org; in this case, the guests will be asked to be paid Veniceapartments.Org a double fee.

7. Responsibilities
HOME LAUGHTON acts on behalf of the Guests connecting them with the apartment Owners and doesn't manage the properties. VeniceApartments.Org is not liable for potential delays, accidents, losses, change of schedule or rates, damages (neither for persons nor for objects), from Owners services. VeniceApartments.Org and its employees therein are therefore not responsible for: errors and omissions, falsification by third parties, personal damage or injury while staying in an accommodation booked through VeniceApartments.Org, disputes between the client and a third party, the content of external links on its website. The service of VeniceApartments.Org is limited to promoting Owners' accommodations and information regarding making a reservation for your chosen accommodation until booking confirmation is sent by email. The responsibility of VeniceApartments.Org is limited to your booking deposit paid. VeniceApartments.Org is not part of the rental agreement; any complaints must be addressed to the owner/contact during the stay.
7.1. Liabilities: VeniceApartments.Org and the Owner of the accommodation shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may occur during the stay-period at the accommodation, including (but not exclusive to): injury to person or possession, losses because of fire, theft or criminal behavior.
7.2. Litigation: any litigation concerning accommodation or booking with VeniceApartments.Org, the English Law, UK have sole jurisdiction over such matters.

8. Website, data protection & privacy policy
The Personal Information that Veniceapartments.Org collects from you shall be obtained, processed and transmitted in compliance with applicable data protection legislation. We take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information and store the information in secure databases at secure addresses to prevent unauthorized access. VeniceApartments.Org reserves the right to update information published on the site at any time including (but not exclusive to): rates, descriptions and photographs. VeniceApartments.Org does not guarantee condition or suitability of any product or service as advertised on its website.
Privacy Policy: Your right to privacy is very important. VeniceApartments.Org recognizes that when you choose to provide us with information about yourself, you trust us to act in a responsible manner. We believe this information should only be used to help us provide you with a better service. VeniceApartments.Org takes appropriate steps to protect your privacy. Whenever you provide sensitive information (for example, a credit card), we take all reasonable steps to protect it, such as encrypting your card number. VeniceApartments.Org reserves the right to change modify or update its terms and conditions at any time. It is the responsibility of parties using the VeniceApartments.Org service, to make sure they read these terms and conditions before making any booking. By agreeing to use VeniceApartments.Org service, it is contingent that any changes are accepted by all parties and that all parties comply with these changes. These terms and conditions do not affect your consumer statutory rights.

RENT APARTMENT with the Owner -  Terms of Use

1. Reservation
The acceptance of the rent contract is subject to:
- the availability of the apartment at the moment the written request is received
- the payment of a deposit, as a down payment
- the authorization to charge for other prepayments and for the balance of the reservation
- the authorization to charge for eventual debits of other amounts foreseen in points 3 and 5, in the case of cancellation or damages
With VeniceApartments.Org you rent directly from the apartment owner who reserves the right to refuse any order.

2. Confirmation
When the written confirmation is received, and in respect of the terms contained therein, the client will pay the difference between the total price of the reserved holiday and the sum just paid for confirming the booking, in all cases the balance will be paid 6 days before arriving, not later.
The price of the holiday for the required period is written in the reservation confirmation message.
Apart from the apartment which is completely furnished and equipped, the price includes the following services:
a. linen and optional weekly change,
b. utilities such as electricity and gas (excluding: -the use of telephone, fax and similar which will be paid for separately; -air conditioning where clearly excluded).
The price does not include transfer from and to the station, airport or another terminal.
All of the prices shown are in Euros. The Euro price could be charged in GBP (British Pound) at the exchange rate published by http://www.xe.com

3. Cancellation by the client
The reservation deposit for all reservations is refundable up to 6 days before the arrival date (Venice time) and transferable. The balance is payable 6 days before arriving; failure to pay within the terms may result in the closure of the booking by the owner.
The client will not have the right to any reimbursement if he/she voluntarily interrupts the holiday and leaves before the established departure date.
Any cancellation, including circumstances outside one's control (for example, but not only, strikes, weather, ill health, accidents, etc.), will be subject to our clear and simple cancellation policy stated herein. In the event that the client changes the dates, it will be understood as a new stay and it shall be subject to the cancellation conditions.
It is strongly recommended that clients purchase trip cancellation insurance

4. Cancellation by Owner
In the event that the apartment is not available for justified reasons, the Owner reserves the right:
1) to offer an adequate alternative solution to the original reservation
2) if 1) is not possible, to offer other possibilities (cheaper and/or more expensive) at the normal price. If the client should not wish to accept, every obligation will be terminated and the client will receive all amounts that he has eventually paid: nothing else will be requested to the Owner and in any case, nothing must be asked to VeniceApartments.Org.

5. Damages
If any damage is caused, by delivering of the apartment the client authorizes the Owner to debit from the credit card the amount regarding that damage not excluding the obligation of the client to repay any other amounts regarding damages following a simple request by Owner of the apartment, also by other people or Companies authorized by it.

6. Check-in time
If the client does not make the information known at the required time, the Owner of the apartment will not be responsible for any eventual delays or failure to deliver the keys, in as much as the apartments do not have a reception (like hotels do) and the welcome must, therefore, be organized.
The apartment is delivered between 2:00 pm and must be left before 10:00 am on the departure date. Check-in: arrival time and beds setting must be provided at least 3 days before arriving, the key delivery meeting has to be agreed before. From 2 pm until 8 pm free check-in next to the apartment or at the closest boat stop. From 8.01 pm until 11 pm the check-in is by payment depending on the arriving time, ask for quotation. Check-in from 11 pm, please contact us to find the best solution
A Security deposit can be requested by Owner at check in and will be returned within 2 weeks of your check out via the credit card on file. This deposit helps ensure that the property manager is compensated for any damages, unintentional or accidental, made to the property during your stay.

7. Check-out time
During the stay the guest will agree with the Owner of the apartment about the actual return of the apartment which, you are reminded, will occur before 10:00 on the morning of the departure date, so that the Owner can carry out all the formalities such as: checking utilities and the general state of the apartment, discussion about damage to the structure and other. Any eventual delay by the client beyond the maximum allowed time of 10:00 gives the Owner the right to debit Euro 100.00.
Please pay attention: this is a must to guarantee the rights of the following people, but also it's a must to guarantee your rights on your arrival.

8. Maximum number of people
Parental control required anytime • The description of each apartment includes the maximum number of people who are allowed to stay there. However the apartment is rented only for the people number requested by you and written in our confirmation: by law the Owner must declare this number to the Police Authorities. We advise you extra people cause criminal liability, the immediate close of the reservation with expelling from the apartment without any reimbursement, not excluding other obligation of the client and for the unexpected visitor/s; you are reminded.

9. Animals
Animals are allowed only after a written request.

10. Cleaning
The apartment is cleaned prior to the arrival of each client, well-equipped with linen; soap and toilet paper only for the first needs will be provided, the customers have to provide themselves as for food.

11. Access to the apartment - complaints
The apartments are periodically completely checked and always before each reservation, but an unforeseen event is always possible. If there should be any problems during the stay, the client must communicate this to the Owner through the number written in the apartment as soon as possible, in order to provide a speedy solution to the problem; any eventual claims that are made after departure will not lead to reimbursement by Owner, for whatever cause or reason, and no reply will be sent from 9 days after leaving. The Owner or owner's delegate can have access to the apartment during the stays in case they have to check/fix/replace, or if called, or in circumstances outside one's control; always they try to advise the clients previously, using the phone contact indicated in the reservation and then, in case of contact or no contact, they can access to the apartment knocking at the door.

12. Electricity
Apartments in Italy have a regular contract providing 3 Kw/h. This level of power permits a comfortable life style. If you try to consume an excessive power level in a single moment (for example switching on all lights/components without switching off the unused ones), the meter will switch off the main power assuming that there is a short circuit. If so, it's necessary to switch off the components causing over consumption and then manually switch power back 'ON'. Sometimes the meters are inside the apartments and you can switch on the power yourself; sometimes meters are protected by locks or placed elsewhere. To switch on these meters an operation by the Owner's staff is required. This is a service by payment and, like the others, not available 24/7.

13. Behaviour, rules for clients
- The client signing the check-in form will be liable for the correct and decent behavior of all the persons accompanying him/her. That person, or any of the persons accompanying him/her, should behave in a suitable and responsible way. As a client, you are expected to respect the house rules that pertain to the apartment and the community it belongs to. The apartment may not be used as a party space but that of an accommodation for sleeping, eating, relaxing. Please review the house rules thoroughly in order to avoid any problems: our main objective is for the client to have a good experience in Venice. Please respect our neighbours - normal working people who need to get up early and go to work every day - and please respect the noise levels in the stairwells as well as in the apartments.
- From 13:00 until 15:00 and from 23:00 until 08:00 the guests in the apartment must not make any noise that could disturb other residents. Parties are not allowed and all the rules of the building must be obeyed; please observe that ‘Terms and Conditions' with regard to disturbances, loud music and parties are very clear: ALL ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Guests staying in an apartment should know that in the event that the client does not respect the rules of the building or those established by Owner, if parties or loud music are heard, or neighbours complain and/or police are called, the latter reserves the right of expelling them from the apartment regardless of the time of day or night, without any reimbursement: this will also result in loss of the refundable damage deposit.

- Please lock the windows and doors securely behind you. We suggest you to take what you need with you for the day as professional pick pockets could be in most tourist areas.
- In the event that the guest requires the presence of the Owner’s staff and the Owner may consider it unimportant, they will be debited Euro 40.00 every time, or more in case of statutory holidays or night time.
- In the event that the keys are lost, broken or damaged or that a locksmith is needed to open the door, the Owner will be authorized to debit the amount of 200.00 Euro, or more in case of statutory holidays or night time, which includes the replacement of the lock (where there are no other costs borne). In the event that the guest forgets the keys inside the apartment and the services required to open the door, the amount that will be debited is 40.00 Euro, or more in case of statutory holidays or night time.
-The lodgings are delivered clean and in order, leaving the client with the obligation to leave the apartment in a reasonable condition. Even though final cleaning is paid, this price does not include the cleaning of the cooking area and the client is therefore required to cater for this themselves. If this should not happen, the Owner will debit an extra 40.00 Euro.
- Please turn off the air-conditioning and the lights when you leave the apartment and also close the windows and doors while staying inside; we try to keep prices low and would like to conserve energy.
- No smoking in the apartments. In particular, in Italy it is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the common areas and stairwells of the apartments; please smoke on the terrace if there is one or outside and please do not throw cigarette butts down into the street or patios.
- Trash with recycling; the notes to manage it are provided in the apartment.

14. Website
The apartment descriptions and information is supplied by the Owner, but he/she cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions that may arise. The Owner of the apartment also reserves the right to change information published on the site at any time including rates, descriptions and photographs. VeniceApartments.Org makes no warranty or representation about the fitness or suitability of any product or service advertised on its web site.

15. Law and Jurisdiction
Any dispute arising between the parties regarding this agreement or relating to any event will be settled under the exclusive jurisdiction the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). 70 Fleet Street - EC4Y 1EU London - United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 7936 7007