Baccalà mantecato at 'Cantinone San Trovaso': and Gislon: the 'mantecato' (creamy) is one of the most typical Venetian dish, like a white cream. The base component is stockfish (baccalà) from Norway, and pure olive oil, no mayonnaise. Ask Alessandra at 'Cantinone San Trovaso' what's the best way to taste it and the right wine to prefer, probably a fresh Prosecco.
Where is the Cantinone? 'Rio San Trovaso' next to the Accademia area; frequently you can see a lot of people over the bridge sitting, drinking, talking, eating, reading, painting, joking, enjoying the atmosphere.
See below where is the 'Rosticceria Gislon'.

Don't give them money: people arrive in Venice from extra-European Countries asking money, like a job, along the roads; it's better don't give money for charity to anyone, the Municipality don't permitt to do that. 
Please don't matter to men approaching you with hat and pass: if you need indications there are policemen and the personnel inside the boxes of ACTV (public boats)

Mozzarelle in carrozza: in Campo San Bartolomio (downsteps of the Rialto Bridge, Saint Mark side), behind the Goldoni's statue take 'Sotoportego de la Bissa' and then 'Salizzada San Lio'. In the middle of the tunnel, right side, you can see the 'Rosticceria Gislon'. They prepare fast food; taste the 'Mozzarelle in Carrozza' with acciughe. 
At 11 a.m. you have to taste them with a small beer

Al Pacino and the monologue of the 'Merchant of Venice': the famous sequence was shot under the columns of a picturesque corner, opposite side of the Church of Miracles. 
With the church on your back, cross the bridge at the corner of the bar; a few steps and you will see the columns in front of you

Check availability and book

Campo Santa Margherita: one of the most lively squares in Venice. In the morning women go shopping at the market, in the evening all the pubs and clubs that surround the square offer nice music and a drink to many students and young people

Tramezzini all'Accademia: having lunch along the Canal Grande can be an affordable experience for anyone. If you want to enjoy the view of Accademia Bridge having a sandwich or a slice of pizza beside the Grand Canal you can take a seat at the 'Bar ai Foscarini', where sometimes you can even meet actors, art directors, etc. But if you prefer a typical restaurant where tasting good wines with fish, go to the Bancogiro, behind Rialto grocery market. On the rear side some tables are in Campo dell'Erbaria, a large square along the Canal Grande that offers a pleasant shade at lunchtime in the summer.

Spritz points
the famous Venetian aperitif is called ‘spritz'. It's a ritual for residents: not only drinking but talking, making business, relaxing.
On prepare the Spritz using Prosecco, the light wine with perlage from Treviso, and another alcoholic component. Asking '-One spritz please' they ask you '-Campari o Aperol?' Campari is the famous bitter from Milan, Aperol is an orange strong mix from Padua, and it's the most typical in Venice.

Our personal suggestions for the best spritz:
-the 'Two Dragons' bar in Campo Santa Margherita close to the big white marble bridge. Drink your spritz sitting down in Campo taking your sun bath, best moment 11:30 am
-the kiosk in Campo Santa Maria Formosa, right on the border of the gondola main way connecting Rialto to Saint Mark. Drink your spritz sitting outside listening the singers on the gondolas; best moment 5:30 p.m.
Both of them offering an high quality, a double size spritz costs 2.50 Euro. 
Take care: only ONE spritz, the effect arrives 10 minutes later and it kicks your necks..

Distances (Kms/miles)
between Venice and:
Milan 295/183
Rome 566/352
Naples 799/496
Paris 1145/711
Madrid 1955/1215
Amsterdam 1449/900
Vienna 610/379
Prague 798/496
Berlin 1108/688

Street musicians
after visiting the Frari Church , don't forget to turn around the Cathedral and have a rest in Scuola Grande di San Rocco.
There is a square where you can meet street musicians playing music (medieval, international, classic, etc), dancing, and also singing the Opera.

From Rialto Bridge to Saint Mark's Square
often at the Rialto boat stop there are many tourists wasting time for tickets to go to Saint Mark (line 1 or 2, about 20 minutes, 6.5 Euro per person).
Why? only 6 minutes walking and you are arrived: Campo San Salvador, straight on, San Zulian, Spadaria, Saint Mark's Square

Tramezzini in San Marco: The 'tramezzino' is the most typical sandwich of Venice, it's prepared with soft white or brown bread and several kinds of ham, SanDaniele, cheese, fish, mushrooms, mayonnaise, senape, etc.. In 'Calle delle Rasse' close to Saint Mark's Square, within the 2 buildings of the Danieli hotels, there is the 'Birreria Forst', the meeting point for gondoliers and residents.
Ask them a 'tramezzino alla porchetta' with a beer.

Breakfast with cookies and capuccino: here the quality is really high, higher then elsewhere preferring dimensions. Our personal suggestion in Venice is the 'Pasticceria Tonolo', within 'Frari Cathedral' and 'Campo Santa Margherita' (take the tunnel behind the Church, in the San Rocco square). Wide choice of cookies, highest quality, regular prices: bigné allo zabaione, pasta alle mandorle, frittelle with or without cream or 'Veneziane', etc.

Pic-nic places: it's forbidden having lunch in the Saint Mark's area and it's not possible to eat along the roads. Venice is not a regular City, Venice is a museum and it's owned by the whole world: Venetians are only the managers. Please help us to defend it

Car speed: take care crossing by car/moto the last bridge 'Ponte della Libertà'; the max. speed allowed is 90 km/h , Laser control. 

Our suggestion is leaving your car in the mainland (10 Euro/day) in guarded areas: all the details to do that with the instructions to reach your booked apartment.

Indiana Jones and the library: Do you remember the Indiana Jones movie? He arrives in Venice to discover a book in a library, trying to find his father. Indiana with a blonde woman cross a bridge, and then turn left (you can see a green curtain), they found the library in front of.

It is the 'Ponte dei Pugni', Bridge of Punches (a squared medieval ring where boxing). The green curtain is on the boat where on sell fruits and vegetables right now; the 'library' is the San Barnaba Church, really close to the Campo Santa Margherita... and you can see also the hole from where Indiana comes up after his terrible experience with rats.

Cicchetti 'da Lele': next to our delivery keys point, at the entrance of Venice, you can find a really well known corner where taking a break, 'cicchetti' in Venetian dialect. It's preferred by residents (gondoliers, taxi-boat drivers, University students and professors, Municipality employees, etc) and also by tourists, passengers, painters, and... by our customers after picking up the keys. You can find 'da Lele' in Campo dei Tolentini (close to Piazzale Roma, the bus terminal) where people often queuing up. The mini bar is managed by Fabio and Riccardo: they prepare at the moment ham/cheese sandwiches, 90 Euro cents each; 3 or 4 can substitute a lunch. 
It's really a must: don't miss visiting 'da Lele'

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GRANDELUX-CANAL - from 216 Euro

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BIENNALE area: the only Loft in Venice set in real historic iron foundry; two bathrooms, two bedrooms, air conditioning, WiFi internet. Unique!

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